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Specialty Sandwiches

"The T-Melt"


Turkey, cajun bacon, provel, lettuce, tomato 

& mayonnaise on seeded french



"The Italian"


Salami, capocolla, pepperoni, smoked ham, marinated olive relish & provolone drizzled with tarragon vinaigrette on seeded french

(Our spin on the Muffaletta)



"Soulard Club"

Turkey, roast beef, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, & green garlic aioli on texas toast



"The Island"


Turkey, roast beef, ham, salami, smoked bacon, american, lettuce, tomato & oven roasted tomato aioli on seeded french



"Americorps Hero"


Prosciutto, mortadella, sopressata, provolone, tomatoes, spinach & pepperoncinis, drizzled with sweet black pepper vinaigrette on seeded french



"Johnny B Good"


Braised pastrami, cajun bacon, mozzarella, spinach, roasted tomatoes, cucumber and basil pesto aioli on seeded french



Cobb Smoked Ham & Swiss

Cobb smoked ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato &

dijonaise aioli on asiago brioche


"The Happy Camper"


Turkey, roast beef, ham, salami, cajun bacon, american, lettuce, tomato & oven roasted tomato aioli on asiago



"New Yorker"


House braised pastrami, swiss, red pepper aioli & slaw on marble rye



Italian Beef

Italian seasoned beef, caramelized onions, red peppers, arugula, basil pesto, pepperoncinis & provolone on seeded french



"The Lars"


Cajun spiced smoked bacon, mesquite turkey, tomato, lettuce & oven roasted tomato aioli on texas toast



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