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Burgers & Fries

(fries sold separately)


1/2 lb burger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and american cheese on a traditional bun



1/2 lb burger, smoked bacon, soft cheddar, garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato on a cheddar bun



1/2 lb burger, cajun bacon, american, roasted tomato aioli, arugula and tomato on an asiago bun


Patty Melt

1/2 lb burger, roasted caramelized onions, swiss, red peppers and

horseradish aioli on swirl rye


St. Louie Primo

1/2 lb burger, cajun bacon, provel, mascarpone, sundried tomatoes, spinach, cherry peppers and basil pesto on a traditional bun


Veggie Black Bean Burger

Artichokes, tomato, black olives, cucumber, provolone and garlic aioli on a traditional bun



1/2 lb burger, mozzarella, cajun bacon, spinach, red onion, pickles and honey mustard on a pretzel bun


Homemade Fries- SMALL



Homemade Fries- LARGE



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